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Blogger Signup Login | | sign in Signup | Create Blogger Account: is a service created by Pyra Labs, and acquired by Google in 2003, which allows you to create and publish a blog online. To publish content, you do not have to write any code or install server software or scripting.
Blogs hosted on are usually hosted on Google's servers within the domain Until April 30, 2010, Blogger blogs allowed to publish via FTP. It was launched in August 1998, is one of the first blog publishing tools online and is credited with helping to popularize the use of forms.

For every country blogger there will at the end blogspot.(country representing letters), if your blog is belong to india then it will shown as

Want to start a Micro Blogging site here is the answer: 
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Features of :

Template Designer, which allows you to customize the look of the blog without knowing code.
Publishing custom domains, changing the default publishing address in any domain internet.
Can add multimedia files or data through the post editor.
Monthly Archive annual, weekly or daily blog entries.
Dynamic views, for viewing the contents of a blog through a interface that leverages
Syndication of blog entries, entries by tags, blog comments, comments inputs, static pages and comments pages.
Lightbox, a native photo viewer for blog posts.
Description, meta tags and tracking of robots for the blog and each of the inputs.
your Blog can be used for URL redirects 301 and 302 custom.
Integration with third-party applications as well as data API to develop your own applications.
Blogger can be integrated with Google AdSense,Amazon and other Associates to monetize blog and generate income.
Blogger can be integrated with Google Analytics for measuring web analytics.
Number of blogs can use up to 100 per account.
Number of publications per blog is Unlimited.
Size of individual publications is unlimited. Size of Pages per Individual pages such as the home page or pages of files, which are usually displayed several blog posts, have a limit of 1Mb in size.
Number of comments are shorted up to 5000 per entry.
There is 1GB storage for multimedia files data.
Image size: If published through Blogger Mobile images can have a maximum size of 250Kb. By other means of publication no limit on size.
A blog can be managed by 100 members with roles administrators or authors.
Number of Labels are Up to 2000 unique tags per blog and 20 labels or 200 characters per blog post.
Blog Description is Limited to 500 characters, no HTML code can be used.

Blogger sign up | Create Blogger Account:

Step 1: Find the blogger icon in whole options or go to
Step 2: Log in by using Gmail Account, create your blogger profile.
Step 3: Notice an icon "New Blog" is used to create blogspot.Click on that icon.

Step 4: Enter the title of your Blog.
Step 5: Then, main part is choosing your address. Choose an available address.
Step 6: Finally, select a nominal template to begin and click "Create blog!" button to finalize and start your blog. Later on, if you want you can add custom domain to your blogspot address which redirects to a domain.

How to manage Blog on Blogger account:
When you finally completed creation, open the blog to start your work. There are some things which you've already seen in Features of But, you need to know how to manage it. Left side column will represents all options about your blog. Overview is to give just view about blog. Posts option used to publish a post or draft a post. You can create pages of blog using "Pages" option.
Then, coming to comments to know about users comments regarding spam and how many comments are published. Google+ is another social media used for sharing your posts automatically and many other options too.

Stats icon unveils the full data regarding your posts traffic sources from different countries for particular content. Earnings, Campaigns are used to earn money by create your ads and sharing your ads by using keywords in search results.
Layout is edit and save any changes after adding any widget using html or java script.  Template is used to set design for your blog or you can create using html code or redesign it. Settings page will save data regarding Authors or Admins, you can set thrid party url for your blogspot in settings page. You'll have option to set language and many other preferences are available.If you want to change Email id for notifications regarding Blog, it will be available here. Login | Blogger Login Sign in:

There are two ways to log on to your blogger account. One thing you can find option in your Gmail account option (in other preferences such as G+, Google Search, YouTube, so on and you find Blogger at the end. Click on that option which takes to your Blogger account. If you don’t like this option just click to logon your account.

Then, what are you waiting for Start Blogging. Create your posts and share them. Have good time by monetizing money.

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Recover Deleted files using 15 free Softwares| 15 Free apps to recover deleted files

Recover deleted files or Shift Deleted files using 15 free apps 

Hello everyone here we present you 15 free programs for Windows that can help you recover deleted files or information on your system
We all have deleted a file accidentally at least once, either deleted files from a card of our digital camera, deleted data from a pendrive by accident even lost important files from a USB .

At that moment we wonder ... How I can recover deleted files ?

Here are the 15 totally free softwares which helps you to retrieve information deleted or recover deleted files from our records or reports.

data recovery softwaresm, deleted file recovery

 List of 15 Free Softwares to Recover deleted files or Shift deleted files

1. Recuva

The guys from Piriform have done a great program to recover deleted files called Recuva . The program allows quick or deep search in both hard drives as iPod, accidentally deleted emails in applications such as Outlook or Thunderbird, damaged or formatted disks, etc ...

It also has a version portable , we recommend running from a different disk that you want to recover, to avoid overwriting the data.


2.TestDisk and PhotoRec 

If you're looking for a complete and advanced application you have at your disposal TestDisk & PhotoRec , a pack of license GPL which lets you dip into the disks to watch all kinds of information and recover or repair partitions, rebuilding starts, backing security, and even recover files from FAT, NTFS or EXT2 / EXT3.

It is available for DOS, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, SunOS and Mac. This application has no graphical interface , but operates through a command line interface, so it is recommended to have advanced knowledge.

Download |

3. Pandora Recovery

Pandora is an excellent data recovery software that can recover deleted files from FAT, NTFS and NTFS / EFS files. It's simple to use and has a very accessible interface.

Download | Pandora Recovery  at

4. MiniTool Power Data Recovery

Edition free for recovering deleted files, damaged partitions, partitions with data loss or USB drives digital cameras, auxiliary memories, pen drives or optical media ( CD or DVD ).

Download | MiniTool Power Data Recovery ~ 6MB at

5. R-Linux

This very powerful free tool allows you to recover deleted, formatted, deleted or damaged files both partitions Linux EXT2, EXT3 or EXT4 partition as FAT32 or NTFS. It contains several filters to retrieve information depending on the content. Ideal for advanced users. You have several options for recovery and hexadecimal display tools, personalized search, display areas, etc ...

Download | R-Linux ~ 4MB @

6. Glary Undelete

It is an attractive tool to recover deleted files.

Download | Glary Undelete ~ 3MB @

7. Undelete 360

Freeware application to retrieve files available installable and portable version. The interface resembles that new style of Microsoft applications and has several types of search filter.

Download | Undelete 360 ~ 2MB @

8. Avira UnErase

The famous company of excellent antivirus Avira, has this small utility that does not reach the mega environment and allows you to recover files from FAT and NTFS.

Download | Avira UnErase ~ 400KB @

9. SoftPerfect File Recovery

Retrieves, very simply, deleted files from hard disks, USB drives, Compact Flash or SD cards, etc ... Supports FAT and NTFS with compression and data encryption. No installation needed.

Download | File Recovery ~ 400KB  @

10. Undelete Plus

Recovers deleted information Undelete Plus. The program is in Spanish and also has a version for Mac users.

Download | Undelete Plus ~ 4MB @

11. Restoration

Lightweight application that allows you to recover files quickly and easily, without complications. You only need to set the drive where you want to search. It also allows filtering by the name you are looking for.

Download | Restoration ~ 200KB @

 15 Free Softwares to Recover deleted files or Shift deleted files

12. Free File Recovery

Utility that allows you to recover files from disks or USB sticks. You can run from a USB drive and supports FAT, NTFS and EFS encryption.

Download | Free File Recovery ~ 5MB @

13. ADRC

Toolkit little size, for tasks such as retrieving files, copy files directly (RAW copy), backup or modify the boot.

Download | ADRC Data Recovery Tools ~ 100KB @

14. Data Recovery

Free to recover deleted files which allows data recovery from FAT and NTFS, EFS encrypted files, perform partial matches and even overwrite not able to recover program.

Download | DataRecovery ~ 200KB @

15. NTFS Undelete

Allows you to perform deleted file recovery, particularly oriented disks with NTFS partitions in Microsoft format.

Download | NTFS Undelete ~ 4MB  @
Remember Run as administrator applications!
Whenever possible, install or run the program on a drive to the drive where the files were deleted.
With the recovered files. Save them in a different unit .
If you find yourself in case you have problems reading and you can not access your data that appear damaged, maybe you better come an article about how to recover faulty hard drives .

Drop your queries and other Softwares you find help full to recover shift deleted files in the comments

Tumblr login signup | login | create Tumblr account

Tumblr login signup | login | create Tumblr account is best platform for Microblogging founded by David Karp. It is widely used as Social Networking type. Users can post and share their post with multimedia data.
Up to March, 2015 Tumblr hosts almost 225 Million Blogs. In June 2013, Yahoo acquired for 1.1 Billion. 

The site was avail for Android, iOS,Windows, and blackberry mobile users. The main reason is due to its media and news updates issue to sell to Yahoo. presents features are far better than other micro blogging sites. login or Features:
They can schedule to delay posts to particular date.
Very good user interface.
Easy to understand and do the operations.
It was obtainable through iOS, Android, Windows platforms smaller devices.
You can chat with another tumble bloggers to expand your knowledge or to interact with them.
You can connect tumblr blog with social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter to share posts.
There is customization option for a tumblr theme to edit and how it should appear in your blog.

Tumblr Signup - How to create Tumblr Account:

1. Go to official website
2. Enter you Email id, Password , and Username to complete Sign up process.
3. After that enter your age and there is some age restrictions to start and tick the mark on agree to tumblr terms of serivice. Click on "Next" button to proceed.
4. Then, verify that you're not a robot by filling the captcha symbols or words.
5. Finally, you have completed first step of signup.

How to Manage Tumblr Account:
Later on signup, you'll will be seeing many tumblr blogs offering to follow option. If you like anyone of them by category or anything you can follow them. Otherwise, Click on "skip" option will be avail at below page.
You'll be forwarded to your Dashboard. Remember to verify your mail address to confirm your account.

observe the above figure, which is tumblr blog. In, the middle column you can see the updates of other blogs by following and also to see your posts. 
Beside column, there will recommended blogs to follow them or even by exploring anybody.
Notice the above header icons representing to 'Text' to post, there is multimedia tools to upload photo, Audio, Video. There will be option for quote purpose, to give Link. 
There is "Chat" option which is most admirable tool to chat with anybody on tumblr.
To the top most right icons displaying about Dashboard, Explore, Messages, Activity,account details, last option is to post anything using tools. Log in, Log in :

To login again to your tumblr account. type the url, where you find login button at the right end. 
Click on that button,it unveils a window with email and password box. Fill your Email id and Password to enter into your account.
Then, start blogging.

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Google Starts Killing Unsafe Chrome Extensions

Google Starts Killing Unsafe Chrome Extensions:

Google is killing its Chrome browser extensions responsible for injecting advertising. Almost 200 million users exposed to the usual risks of using malicious software. They have all the details on his security blog.

More than one third of injecting advertising extensions have been classified as malware in a study sponsored by Google and conducted at the Universities of California and Berkley. 192 extensions have been malicious, affecting some 14 million users around. Google has killed these extensions and has added to its capabilities as new business techniques to detect this type extensions.

Also See: Install TeamViewer to access PC/ Computer and Mobile phone

Why Google Killing Chrome Extensions:

The study shows how widespread unfortunately these practices. More than 5% of visitors to use Google advertising injectors on their computers, half of these have at least 2 different nozzles and one in three of that group has more than 4. Ridiculous. You are browsing an Internet that is not real, full of advertisements also largely have a malicious function.

Google doesn't preclude such injectors advertising directly, however will impose sure restrictions as you'll be able to see in Chrome terms of service. It ought to be clearly explicit  that the extension concerning injecting ads on the online.

As Google give freedom to developers, but do not think any user wants to see intruder and dubious purposes willingly advertising. Internet broke a few weeks ago after finding that the Superfish Lenovo injected not only advertising but highly vulnerable opened jumping HTTPS protection by enabling users were vulnerable to man-in-the-middle.

My advice is to never install extensions of this type, be careful what you install extensions and where they come from.

Install TeamViewer to access Computer/PC and Mobile phone

TeamViewer on your Computer ,PC or MobilePhones

TeamViewer for those who are unfamiliar, Teamviewer is the remote connection software or a computer program which allows to remote access from another computer, mobile, tablet that has the software or application installed. It became popular some years ago by facilitating firm to support client computers, allowing the technician to have full access to the client PC remotely.

Over the years, with the advancement of technology and the expansion of mobiles operating systems Android, iOS and Windows Phone, TeamViewer has been gaining more market share since its compatibility has been expanded to cell. Thus, today you can be in school, college, work or anywhere else with Internet access and can access your computer at the same time, mainly to rescue a file that you forgot to put on the USB stick or some other device to presenting something.

How to install and use TeamViewer to access computer and mobile phone

1 - Install TeamViewer on your computer, if you have already installed, make sure that it is updated.
  Follow this link from here .. TeamViewer 

 After you download the software , then run the program and install the TeamViewer ,

2 - Install the app on your phone

3 - Create a password in the program if you do not know how, follow the tutorial below.

On your computer, open the TeamViewer and click "extra", "options", "security", enter and confirm the password and save by clicking "ok"
Menu "extra" TeamViewer

4 - With the registered password, you need to store or save your computer ID so you can remotely access via cell phone.

To connect to your computer using your mobile phone, you need to have a good internet connection, preferably wifi.

The better your updated phone you have the better will be the connection to your computer. TeamViewer offers optimizations options, where when you are on a slow internet connection zone  or fast internet connection you can change the options . The option is available from the phone menu also . 

TeamViewer can be surprising, especially in ease to use. For those already used, the software can be just another quick fix. But in general, is very useful for any person, depending on the need.

It is not a heavy program, is free to use (for non-commercial use), as well as its application that is present in the main smartphone operating systems. On the other hand, taking into account that in Brazil there is still no quality mobile internet (except 4G, despite the data limit) the application cannot have a good quality. If you want to just transfer files, try Google Drive.

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